Our metals and alloys go through extensive quality certification procedures to ensure you receive verified, high quality products.

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Mahesh Metalloys Pvt. Ltd. is among one of the best metal providers in domestic and global markets. High-quality products provided by us are the identity of its integrity. Our domain of expertise brings us the chance of introducing a wide range of products and services to our customers. Choose the finest metals with just a click to empower your business, with Mahesh Metalloys.

Hindustan Zinc

We provide zinc of 99.995% grade, from the second largest zinc-lead mining industry worldwide. Hindustan Zinc provides commendable durability, corrosion resistance, and safety with lesser maintenance. The 100% recyclable rate makes it environment friendly too.

Vedanta LEAD

Vedanta Lead operates internationally and has loyal customers in various corners of the world. The metal has the highest rate of purity and is perfect for use in a variety of applications.

Aluminum Ingot

We source Aluminium Ingots with the use of innovative technology to induce high elasticity. Our aluminum ingot is fine enough to withstand high temperatures and achieve dimensional accuracy. We provide aluminium ingots of grades ranging from 95 to 99.99.

Recycled Lead

Our Recycled Lead is a perfect fit for supporting sustainable development. It retains most of the properties of directly extracted lead and is quite budget-friendly too.

Aluminum Scrap

We supply aluminum scrap all over the world and aim at providing our customers with complete satisfaction. Our aluminum scrap is of standard quality and is recycled in innovative and eco-friendly procedures.

Copper Scrap

Copper Scrap that meets your needs is right here. We supply copper scrap in various shapes and sizes, such as wires, plates, tubes, etc. at competitive rates.

Manganese Scrap

Our Manganese Scrap, which comes in a clean and secure condition, is perfect for industrial use. It consists of ring offcuts and plate offcuts.

Nickel Cathode

Nickel Cathodes in different grades to meet all your needs are available with us. These are available in cut and uncut forms and are highly suitable for various industries and electroplating.

Nickel Screen

In our industry, we manufacture nickel screens with 99.99% pure nickel, through the process of Electroforming. These nickel screens are ductile, accurate, smooth, and can withstand strong centrifugal forces without deforming.


We provide tin for industrial uses in raw as well as processed forms. The processed forms include tin sheets, rolls, rods, bars, etc.


The relatively rare metal Cadmium- is available with us in as much amount as you desire to purchase. It is ductile, malleable, and is extensively useful in the nuclear industry.

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