Each of our departments work together to supply optimum quality metals for you.

We connect with our clients, our communities, and our company. It makes us different. It makes us better.

We are a Client-Oriented Service Provider, and we understand that sourcing job needs specialists who can feedback clients’ need quickly and do their work effectively. Therefore, our assigned personnel will communicate with you consistently and to implement sourcing works to keep in tune with your objectives.


Warehouses are responsible for processing, storing and maintaining the metals. We take special care to ensure that all the raw products are well-segregated. The dismantling phase is carried out with the utmost care, and all the associated pollution control measures are inculcated. At Mahesh Metalloys, everything is monitored with CCTV surveillance to avoid mishaps.


Material handling at factories requires seasoned professionals with core ground knowledge of metal-handling and factory management. Mahesh Metalloys is proud to report that all the pollution control measures are actively running in our factories. Systems and Machines used in factories enhance worker’s convenience and improve manufacturing quality.

Co-ordinating offices

Mahesh Metalloys follows the mantra of “Prevention is better than cure” by establishing thorough coordination among all functioning offices. All the departments are well-integrated, which helps in the smooth flow of information and updates. Problems, therefore, are conveniently identified and rectified by the concerned office. We utterly believe that our secret to success lies in the coordination that we have.

Quality control procedure

Quality control is always a priority at Mahesh Metalloys. The dedicated testing team indulges in regular product evaluations to ensure that progress is periodically monitored. Testing and quality control is carried out in a multi-loop process to guarantee that the final deliverable is flawless and in-line with the requirements.

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